“Veneers” or "Laminates" are thin pieces of porcelain which can be cemented over the front of the teeth, for example if teeth are misshapen or severely discolored not just on the surface. They might require a minimal removal of tooth substance (o.3 to 0.5 mm max!) if any and only from the outer surface of the teeth, depending on the severity of the deformity that needs to be corrected. Due to the minimal tooth preparation they are an excellent choice for cosmetic restoration of moderate defects like shape, color and surface defects, with long lasting, natural results and without being as invasive as when making a complete crown.

A distinction can be made between aesthetic dentistry, which implies restoring teeth to their normal appearance as found in nature, and cosmetic dentistry, which is improving the colour, shape or arrangement of teeth to make things look better to the eye of the beholder, which often can mean “looks fake”. Ideally, all dentistry should be aesthetically pleasing especially where front teeth are concerned, i.e. you should look as good as or better than before treatment.

A few of our real cases:

First case

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Second case

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Third case

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