Fractured front teeth

Front teeth are often fractured as a result of an accidental hit in the face. Bike accidents and swimming pool diving are two of the most common causes. In this event, when only part of the natural crown of the teeth is missing, the remaining healthy teeth can be repaired with composite resin material in one single appointment.


What is gum disease, periodontal disease and what causes them?

When you don’t brush your teeth for a while, you will notice a yellowish sticky paste that accumulates on them. This material looks like food debris, but it’s actually a film of bacteria which forms on the surface of the teeth and gums every day. Many of these bacteria are harmless. But others happily munch away at the same food you’re eating and then excrete toxins and enzymes. Bacteria thrive in the plaque environment and multiply until they account for nearly 100% of the mass of the plaque. This is why it’s important to remove it.

Single tooth bleaching of root canal treated teeth

Root canal treated teeth often tend to darken after a few years of treatment. When a front tooth is involved, aesthetics of even an otherwise flawless smile can be impaired. The natural color of such a tooth can easily be restored in most cases with the use of bleaching agents directly inside the dead tooth.

Tooth Decay

santorinidentalclinic070Tooth decay is a process which softens and destroys the hard tissues of the tooth. These tissues are called enamel and dentine. Bacteria, feeding on sugar, produce the acid that fuels this process.

It is treated by removing the parts of the tooth that have gone bad, and replacing the missing parts with a ‘filling‘.


“I am resigned to getting partial (or complete) dentures. I realize they are uncomfortable, but what I do fear more than the pain of removal, is the return to work. Will I sound like Daffy Duck? Are they horribly uncomfortable? I know I need them, but I am concerned!”

This is a very common treatment solution to edentulousness. You will be surprised by how well you get on with the dentures. Millions of people have them and cope very well. Some useful tips and advice are as follows: