Just like Santorini itself, the beaches have unique beauty each one of them in its own way, but all of them equally welcoming to the most demanding visitors, either with fresh cocktails and many star facilities or maintaining a low profile awaiting those who will appreciate their tranquility. So choose, depending on your mood or your company , whether you will spend your day at an isolated beach, gazing at the waves, enjoying the sun, or you'll enjoy your champaign cocktail stretched out on a wooden deckchair at one of the many cheerful beach bar-restaurants that exist on the island. So many choices awaiting for you.



A five kilometer beach, one of Cyclades longest, attracts all sorts of tourists and locals of every style and outfit so don’t pay too much attention on your appearance, youll fit no matter what... Beach bars, hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants, you-name-it, all available here. Suitable for swimming, morning, afternoon and evening walks, lunch and dining.



The totally black volcanic sand, the length of the beach and the deep blue sea, make this beach one of the most impressive in the Aegean; for this reason it attracts Greeks, foreigners, locals, tourists, mainstream and otherwise. The situation is as you may imagine: beats and cocktails at the deckchairs, multi-culti sea sports, a water park with water slides, taverns and beach bars.



This beach is the continuation of perissa to the south. Here exist some of the most fashionable beach bars like Wet stories, Chilly beach bar, JoJo, Anemos and Seaside. So many choices, but one thing is for sure: this is the place to see and be seen. Here you will meet all those people you met at the clubsthe previous night, playing beach rackets and beach volley, or just enjoying their cocktails or light snacks on the beach.



Ideal for families, as its the only beach with shallow waters, a detail you need to know if your kids are still learning to swim. There you can find sun beds and umbrellas, a mini market and a few taverns open for lunch and dinner. If the wind is right, you may see local surfers.



It’s one of those beaches you want to keep secret. The fine black pebbles, the underwater volcano and the large rock overhanging at its end, compose a unique landscape, which maintains its natural beauty and stubbornly resists the deckchair attack. Nudists discovered it first but now the privileged shady position under the rock is populated by a mixed crowd. Take water and other necessities with you as there are no shops there.